Worldwide Sales Headquarters

I just wanted to write you a note to say thanks for your assistance on our Lotus notes server replacement project!

Since we started working with you and Sathy in 1996, we have been very satisfied with your high levels of service and responsiveness. Even though we have a corporate IT department at our headquarters, your commitment to excellence has proven to our leadership team at the Omaha Reservation Center that working with your company is an asset we could not easily replace.

Your technical knowledge level and understanding of our business needs for support has made your company an important part of our team.

Professional Health Care Corporation

We have been a satisfied client of CSI since August of 2000. At that time we worked with you and your team to do a major upgrade of our Information Technology to facilitate a change to a new (and current) patient management and billing software application.
Our current network configuration consists of three locations connected by the Cox fiber-optic network. We have approximately 150 workstations and eight file servers. We have internal staff to provide day-to-day network management, but we rely on your company for our upgrades and strategic planning.
Your staff has always been very professional and knowledgeable to work with and we are a very satisfied client. There have been several occasions when your company’s timely and expert support was the difference between a downed network and business as usual.
We look forward to many years of a mutually rewarding relationship.

Leading Financial Services Company

Our company has been a client of Computer Systems for over 10 years. Since the very beginning, our relationship has been great, but one incident stands out in my memory.
During a recent upgrade, we were required to install five applications on each of the 75 PCs on our WAN. To visit each workstation and install the software it would have taken at least one hour per PC to accomplish this. Your staff used Cyber Sentry to accomplish the task in one night without walking through the door! The entire upgrade was deployed remotely using your network management solution, and the total time required was around 12 hours.
On that one project, Cyber Sentry saved us almost $8,000 in support fees!

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