Computer Security

Cyber Sentry Solution

Our industry has fallen in love with the term “Managed Services Provider” but what does that mean to you, the end user? It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, which is why we’re not particularly fond of the term.

Secure Remote Access

When you have disparate business units, employees, partners, contractors and others needing to access your network, it’s imperative that your system can handle the load securely. Secure remote access provides varying levels of access based on each user’s unique requirements and permissions.

Email Security

When your emails are secure, you avoid compromising important data, introducing malware into your network and leaking top-secret information.

Network Security

Until you have a cyberattack happen to your business, you might not fully comprehend the importance of network security. Even if you have an IT person on staff, you might not have the resources to require that employee to monitor and protect your systems 24/7.

Network Vulnerability Assessments

How inviting does your perimeter network look to criminal hackers looking to get in? Not sure? Let CSI run periodic Vulnerability Assessments on your network to see the actual security risks you may have.

Virus and Malware Protection

A good endpoint protection solution is always going to be a necessity for businesses. CSI uses some of the best rated AntiVirus/AntiMalware solutions available and we highly recommend letting our engineers centrally manage and monitor the solution.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions

Are you confident in your backup solution? Companies of all sizes should obviously be backing up their data, but CSI’s Data Care Off-Site Business Continuity backup solution sets a new standard in backup. We offer a fully managed offsite backup solution that is continuously monitored by our technicians.

Unified Threat Security Solutions

The next generation of UTM firewalls is fast becoming a must have for all businesses. Today’s threat landscape continues to get more advanced and multiple layers of protection for networks are needed. Just a simple client Anti-Virus is NOT enough to fully protect your business.
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