Business Network

Network Management

For a flat monthly fee CSI can perform daily updates, maintenance, virus removal, spyware and adware removal and performance tuning. This is truly "Hassle Free IT."

Network Monitoring

Proactive network monitoring and management isn’t just a “nice to have” in today’s tech-driven marketplace. For businesses that rely on 100 percent uptime for their systems, it’s a necessity.

Network Support

Designate the most “technically savvy” person in your company as the make-shift IT person. Then call in someone from outside the company when your “makeshift guru” can’t solve a problem.

Server Virtualization

It started because many software publishers want their software to run on a “dedicated” file server. And who can blame them? These publishers want to take everyone else’s software out of the picture so their application is more reliable and easier to support.

Managed Print Services

Managing a fleet of printers is nothing but a headache for most businesses. If the printers aren’t running out of toner in the middle of a huge print job, they’re breaking down at a critical moment because someone forgot to schedule maintenance. It’s much simpler for you to hand the whole messy job over to a professional.
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