CSI Monthly – August

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Everyday a large amount of information is is distributed about how IT impacts your business. We have reviewed articles and boiled it down to a few things you should know 1.5 million affected by hack targeting Singapore's health data Cybersecurity rundown: The 5 most critical threats to businesses in 2018 Online security: 10 tips for [...] Read More

Protecting Your Digital Assets: It’s not All Doom and Gloom

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As an industry when we’re talking about protecting your digital assets by backing up your data we tend to focus on the worst that could happen, the time-tested, government approved Doom and Gloom Scenario. Why? Because we want to get your attention, that’s all. It’s meant to grab your attention and get you to take [...] Read More

Your Employees are clicking on harmful links

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The reality of Internet use in 2017 is that there are infections everywhere, and we can’t count on automated tools or antivirus software to keep all of them out.  Even more concerning is that company employees are the ones who are “letting” the bad guys in.  End-user education must be an ongoing process for all [...] Read More

How Ransomware Has Changed Business IT Security Forever

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You’ve heard the term, probably know someone who has encountered it, and likely have narrowly missed infection yourself. Ransomware has permanently changed Business IT security forever, and there’s no going back. Definition of Ransomeware Let me take a minute to define ransomware and why it’s a problem. First off, anything with “ransom” in it tends [...] Read More

How to Tell if Your Firewall Obsolete

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We are amazed at how often we find businesses with an obsolete firewall that is putting the company at risk - and they don't have a clue if they are currently being targeted. In a burglary, how many times do the bad guys bang down the front door and then take what they want?  The answer [...] Read More

It’s 11:00 PM…Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

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Not Where You Think it is.... Imagine when you were new to the job and were willing to work your butt off to make a name for yourself. Putting in long hours was the norm. Taking your work home used to involve throwing some disks in a briefcase and bringing them back in the morning. [...] Read More

Scam Of The Week: Bogus IT Security Company Website

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Most Valuable Client, Tech Support Scams are nothing new, but the bad guys are furiously innovating and there is a new variation you need to warn your users about. A few years ago this started out with bogus tech support calls from Microsoft or Apple, or more recently from your ISP which are still going […]

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Network Support Options

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Small businesses basically had two options for network support: Option 1: Designate the most “technically savvy” person in your company as the make-shift IT person. Then call in someone from outside the company when your “makeshift guru” can’t solve a problem. The problem with this scenario: You originally hired this person to do a different […]

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